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We are proud to present the EATRIS activities and highlights of 2021

We hope you enjoy looking through the 2021 EATRIS Annual Report and get a sense of the energy, dedication and expertise of the EATRIS community throughout 2021. The year has been an unprecedented one globally, as well as for the EATRIS family. We welcomed the Republic of Croatia as an Observer Member of EATRIS (pages 20-21), launched the new EATRIS website (pages 88-89) and officially launched the EU-AMRI initiative (page 82)… and that is only a few of the highlights!

You’ll see that we doubled the number of training events from the previous year, with 9 online workshops and 18 webinars delivered, including specific workshops for National Directors and Coordinators. Our Platforms set up an ambitious scientific agenda that will unfold over the coming years to allow the cross-fertilisation of our scientific and technological capacities (pages 44-49). Our portfolio of projects grew significantly (pages 64-65) and EATRIS-Plus, our flagship initiative, is up and running brilliantly (page 66). We also hope you’ll enjoy reading some interviews with SMEs we worked with (pages 72-75).

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We are really proud that all the visuals contained in the report have been created or captured by members of the EATRIS community. No stock images have been used. This includes the microscopy images that were submitted by people from the EATRIS family (we challenge you to try and spot the Alpaca as you go through the report). We have also refreshed the branding for our five scientific Platforms, including a new icon for each Platform, that was created with input from the Platform Chairs and Platform Managers. You may notice that the pages have been designed in a way that they can be standalone micro-content. For example, the infrastructure overview visual (pages 18-19) and country pages (pages 22-36) can be used in their own right in presentations or on leaflets. You can see some examples of micro-content from the EATRIS 2021 Annual Report in this short slide deck.

With the enthusiasm and commitment shown by all members of the infrastructure, the outlook for 2022 is bright as we address new challenges and continue to promote and contribute to translational research. The EATRIS Coordination and Support team would like to thank everyone in the EATRIS community who contributed to another extraordinary year. We endeavoured to continue our work with scientific communities, policy-makers, patients and companies in line with our mission to translate scientific discoveries into benefits for patients.

We hope that you enjoy going through the Annual Report. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please get in contact (see details below).

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Please get in contact if you have any questions, comments or feedback:


Jake Fairnie
Head of Communications
Coordination & support office