Investigators from EATRIS partner institutions in the Netherlands are invited to contact EATRIS for a free analysis of the translational feasibility of their research project (themes 2 or 3 from Memorabel round 5), before submitting it for funding to ZonMw.

EATRIS will perform an analysis of the project on the non-scientific elements, to identify potential bottlenecks and subsequent workarounds in execution.

If your project is for Memorabel theme 2 (Diagnostic) or 3 (Therapy and Prevention), then we can help you optimize the project plan to increase your chances of success.

On the basis of your draft project plan (or if this is not yet mature, an outline of the project scope, goals and steps) our multi-disciplinary team will analyse the following elements, and provide a feedback report that you can include in your proposal if desired:

  1. Preliminary analysis of the intellectual property status, to detect obvious issues with protection of the invention;
  2. Assessment of medical need and clear end-product definition, to ascertain that the proposal has clear clinical goal in mind, serving a defined patient population with a real unmet need;
  3. For complex products – preliminary feedback on product classification and regulatory pathway;
  4. For therapeutics – an overview of the current R&D pipeline for the indication of interest includingwhere possible, a target-specific analysis.

Interested PIs are requested to contact EATRIS as soon as possible for additional information.

Please see the graphic below for feedback from investigators that used EATRIS support in previous ZonMw calls.

EATRIS is a non-profit organisation aimed at de-risking and improving the translational feasibility of projects with maximised outcome for patients. The translational analysis performed by EATRIS is free of charge for PIs from EATRIS partner institutions. The PI of the project remains free to make use of this EATRIS service and to implement the EATRIS’s recommendations into the project. Please note that only translational projects are eligible for such an assessment and that EATRIS does not perform a scientific assessment of the project.