IMI Stakeholder Forum 2016

Published 20 October 2016

Technology platform Small molecule, ATMP, Imaging & Tracer, Biomarkers, Vaccines
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On September 28-29, IMI2 held a workshop in Brussels presenting the result of their consultation for the 2017-2018 program. The result of the meeting can be seen on the event webpage. EATRIS was present at the meeting exploring the possibilities for a long term collaboration between industry and research infrastructures.

Excellent presentation of the scope of the IMI2 and of the evolution of biomedical and clinical science were delivered including four parallel sessions delineating possible call arguments in oncology, advanced therapies, digital health and preparedness for emerging diseases management.

The focus of the programs was excellence in science. However, the panel discussions evidentiated the need for more robust data quality and the interest of industry for long term academic partners.
The Biomedical Research Infrastructures are a stable platform for interaction with all stakeholders, including industry, enabling a long term sustainability and supporting a robust quality standards for data production and maintenance.