EATRIS part of project to enable market uptake of biomarkers

Published 2 May 2022

Biomarkers have the potential to revolutionise the medical field and offer unprecedented possibilities for personalised medicine. Yet, the gap between biomarkers’ discoveries and the market uptake of these innovations is significant. Developing and introducing them into the market is time-consuming, difficult and expensive.

How Interreg funding helped commercialise biomarkers

The project BIC (predecessor of BIC BRIDGE) teamed up with hospitals, research and industry partners to improve the commercialisation process of biomarkers and make it more efficient.

The partners developed a set of tools that support the different phases of the commercialisation process. The tools guided researchers and product developers on the technical, regulatory, and business aspects of product development and the commercialisation process.

Through these tools, the downstream pathway from research, validation, development to the market, co-created with industry, are defined. The industry got incentives to engage in biomarkers development at a much earlier phase. This paves the way for successful spinouts.

The partners brought the commertialisation tools further in the BIC BRIDGE project. They introduced them to a wider group of companies and increased their usability, sustainability and impact.

Within four years of the BIC and BIC BRIDGE projects, the partners managed to develop a complete support toolbox for the successful translation of in-vitro diagnostic biomarker inventions into clinical applications. Using €3.15 million from the European Union, the partners bought closer to patents for modern personalised diagnostics and treatment. However, the consortium partners are staying on their path to bring biomarker discoveries closer to the patients.

EATRIS partnered with Ideklinikken, Aalborg University Hospital. The North Denmark Region, Wroclaw Technology Park, BioCon Valley® GmbH, Tartu BT Park OÜ, University of Turku, Turku Science Park Ltd., Labmaster Ltd., and Dianox APS under the BIC BRIDGE project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.