University of Oslo webinar on Research Infrastructures

Date & Time 23 June 2021 14:00–16:00 CEST
Location Online
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The Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM) and the Faculty of Medicine at University of Oslo, are hosting an online event with ten renowned researchers. Attendees will find out how, among others, Harald Stenmark and the Moser group use research infrastructures in their work. The event is open for University of Oslo researchers. The meeting, initiated by EATRIS, will be structured as follows:

14:00: Jens Petter Berg, Pro-Dean for research: Welcome

14:05: Leonardo Meza-Zepeda, Norseq: Sequencing

14:15: Tuula Nyman, Joseph Robertson, NAPI: Proteomics

14:25: Kristian Hveem, Oddgeir Holmen, Biobank Norway: Biobank data

14:35: Olav Haraldseth, NORMOLIM: MRI/molecular imaging

14:45: Harald Stenmark, Oddmund Bakke, Nalmin: Microscopy (light imaging)

14:55: Rajeev Kumar, Mosergruppen: Viral vector tools for neuroscience and biomedicine

15:05: Coffee break

15:10: Johannes Landskron, Nor-Openscreen: Chemical biology, high throughput screening, bioprospecting

15:20: Christine Stansberg, ELIXIR Norway: Life science data and tools

15:30: Anita Kavlie, EATRIS Norway: Translational research, EU funding application support

15:40: Sigrun Sæther, NorCRIN: Clinical trials

15:50: Janna Saarela, NCMM: Conclusions

*Please note that this event is exclusively for members of the University of Oslo and EATRIS community.*

Read more and register here. The event information is available in Norwegian here.

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