TMex Winter School 2021

Date & Time 8-12 November 2021
Address Virtual

Discover the landscape of Translational Medicine in a 5 day online course! 

The course will take place online on 8-12 November 2021.
The TMex 5-day online workshop is intended for PhD students in the second half of their PhD, early postdocs and other young scientists involved in biomedical research. For the second time, the course will take place online, allowing more flexibility while retaining its characteristic interactive and friendly atmosphere. 

Course Fee and Registration

The full fee is of 175 Euro. A special discounted fee of 100€ applies for EATRIS members.
Registration will open June 15, 2021. There are only 30 seats, so we recommend applying early (first come, first served). The registration will close on 1 September 2021, or when all seats have been filled. You will need to submit a CV and a motivation letter which will be reviewed by a selection committee.

Updated registration deadline is 1 September 2021- Apply here!


  • Bob Harris, Professor Immunotherapy, Karolinska Institute
  • Keith Williams, Director, KW Drug Developments
  • Mike Hardman, Independent (formerly AstraZeneca)
  • Dr. Ulf Tölch​,  project lead, BIH Charité/ QUEST Center
  • Ramón Martí Seves​, Head neuromuscular and mitochondrial pathology, VHIR
  • Anton Ussi, Operations and Finance Director EATRIS
  • Rosan Vegter, former National Expert, European Medicines Agency

TMex preliminary agenda

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What our students say  

  • “If you have the opportunity to take part in this course – do it. It will fundamentally change your view on how your work as a research scientist can make a difference in the real world outside your lab” (Konstantin Kuhne) 
  • “Very interactive course with a non-traditional approach. The course reflects the reality of translational medicine: getting a lot of people with different backgrounds to work together as a team” (Miriam Ayuso) 
  • “My expectations to the course were very high, and they were fulfilled” (Sandra Heckers) 
  • “It was a difficult decision to leave the lab for 5 days but it is absolutely worth it” (Kevin Ferreira) 
  • “This course taught me things I didn’t know would even exist. The course inspired me that the PhD is more than just gaining scientific knowledge, but also to use the time to work on my personality” (Inga Hensel) 

Rebecca Ludwig

Head of Education and Training
Coordination & support office

Lauranne Duquenne

Education & Training Manager
Coordination & support office

Rosan Vegter

Scientific and Education Manager
Coordination & support office