FAIRification of multi-omics metadata

Date & Time 12 September 2022 at 17:00-20:00 CEST
Location Virtual

In the context of the flagship EATRIS-Plus project, EATRIS members are organising a workshop on “FAIRification of multi-omics metadata”. The workshop will take place at the 21st European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) 2022.

During this workshop, we will review these challenges as well as solutions based on multi-omics use cases and bring data owners together with data managers and tool developers. Invited speakers will present an overview of the landscape of resources that help researchers create FAIR multi-omics metadata. We will then follow up by identifying gaps in the field from a researcher’s perspective and discuss strategies to close these gaps.


  • Gary Saunders, EATRIS Data Director
  • Emanuela Oldoni, EATRIS Scientific Programme Manager
  • Anna Niehues, Bioinformatician at Radboud University Medical Center


  • Metadata FAIRification from the perspective of multi-omics data owners and researchers
  • The other omics / multi-omics
  • Relevance of the data and software management
  • Training


17:00 Welcome, overview of program, introduction of speakers
17:10 The multi-omics data FAIRification process – two use cases from the bioinformatics researcher’s perspective

  • FAIRification of the EATRIS-Plus multi-omics demonstrator cohort – Anna Niehues
  • The iCAN Digital Precision Cancer Medicine project – Veronika Suni

17:40 Tools, services, and resources to facilitate multi-omics data FAIRification

  • FAIRsharing: discover and curate an ecosystem of research standards and databases – Allyson Lister
  • 10 years of ISA: Lessons learned from the community and recent developments – Philippe Rocca-Serra

18:10 FAIRification practices at omics data repositories

  • MetaboLights and FAIRification  – Claire O’Donovan
  • The PRIDE database: Enabling FAIR practices for proteomics data – Deepti J. Kundu and Juan Antonio Vizcaino

18:40 Break
18:50 Interactive tools to capture and share metadata of multi-omics studies using templates

  • Sharing study meta-data for biologists: the Phenotype database as solution – Jildau Bouwman
  • FAIR Genomes and MOLGENIS as a FAIRification platform – Joeri van der Velde

19:20 Interactive panel discussion: Connect the tooling landscape, identify gaps, and define the next steps in the drive towards FAIR metadata for multi-omics datasets – All speakers
20:00 End of workshop

For more information on the event see here. Find out more about the flagship project EATRIS-Plus here.