ZonMW collaboration

Published 13 July 2016

ZonMw is collaborating with EATRIS on the 2-TREAT programme to help applicants optimise the translational research element of their research grant applications

Applicants that have been invited to submit a full proposal for 2TREAT (deadline September 2nd 2014) are invited by ZonMw to contact EATRIS for a translational optimization of their proposal. EATRIS-ERIC will evaluate the translational feasibility of the project on the non-scientific elements available (such as intellectual property, regulatory pathway, end-product definition) and help identify potential gaps and bottlenecks that can be experienced during the execution of the project. EATRIS-ERIC will provide non-binding advice on the best utilization of high-end infrastructure and expertise and if necessary will make a recommendation for institutions that can provide additional translational medicine expertise to improve chances of success of the project.

The translational assessment performed by EATRIS-ERIC is optional and is not part of the ZonMw review process. There is no charge or costs for the PI for the service. EATRIS-ERIC is a non-profit organization aiming at improving the translational potential of projects, promoting best chances of success and outcome for the patients. The service provided by EATRIS-ERIC comprises:

1) Assessment of translational strategy, to ascertain whether the study goals defined in the proposal can benefit from or can be optimized through high-end academic infrastructure, such as molecular imaging, GMP-compliant tracer production, ultra-high field MRI capabilities, and data analysis expertise;

2) Preliminary analysis of the intellectual property status, in order to detect obvious issues with protection of the invention;

3) Assessment of medical need and clear end-product definition, in order to ascertain that the proposal has clear clinical goal in mind, serving a defined patient population with a real unmet medical need;

4) Preliminary analysis of regulatory pathway, to identify obvious potential conflicts with regulatory requirements for authorisation of a new product.

5) Completion of the “Supplementary Information Sheet” section of the full ZonMw proposal template.

Interested PIs are required to contact EATRIS-ERIC before July 4th. After signing of a letter of engagement, EATRIS-ERIC will perform the translational assessment of the project. If additional information is required, EATRIS-ERIC will engage with the PIs for interaction. The results, in the form of a report that can be used directly in the full proposal, will be made available before August 15th.

The PI of the project remains free to make use of EATRIS and/or to implement the EATRIS’s recommendations into the proposal for the phase-two application. Please note that EATRIS do not perform a scientific assessment of the project, and are not part of the formal review process – the applicants are the owner of the results and EATRIS will not provide ZonMW with any information or output about the project or our assessment of it.

For more information, please contact: Anton Ussi, Head of Operations, EATRIS. Telephone: +31 (0 ) 20 444 2254, mobile: +31 (0) 6 1458 5135, email: antonussi@eatris.eu

Regarding this collaboration, Frank de Man, Finance Director at EATRIS said, “This is a great initiative to improve the translational element of applied research funding – if this model proves successful and popular with applicants then we will be looking to roll it out in other European countries in the near future.”


ZonMW is the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development. Their aim is to fund research focusing on disease prevention and the improvement of healthcare. Dr. Edvard Beem, Co-Director at ZonMw when asked about the collaboration, replied, “Research and innovation are the key drivers of Europe’s future. If you take the implementation of research infrastructures seriously – which I do – then the model of EATRIS.inside, connecting programme funding to infrastructures, is a concept you cannot refuse.”

Further information about ZonMw can be found on their website: www.ZonMw.nl