Welcome to the EATRIS Translational Thinking Quiz

Published 13 July 2016

The path that leads from a promising (research) lab discovery to the successful application of such an innovation in patients requires the integration of in-depth expertise across multiple professional fields. Moreover, successfully navigating the drug development pipeline necessitates an awareness of the overall process and potential pitfalls. With the ‘Translational Thinking Quiz’ EATRIS invites you to think about issues waiting along the translational path, even if they fall outside your core area of expertise.

Every month or so we will publish an episode from the life of a biomedical researcher in order to ask you to figure out which translational issue the researchers should address. To participate simply submit 1 or 2 sentences that explains the main issue the researcher is facing in the episode.

For each episode that you submit an answer to, you will be entered into a drawing for a €100 Amazon gift voucher.