Welcome Sweden!

Published 13 July 2016

We are very happy to announce that the Board of Governors approved Sweden’s application to become a full observer.

Full observership allows countries to prepare formalities to become a member whilst participating fully in the meantime. Sweden will contribute to the EATRIS effort and product platforms offering with the participation of top internationally ranked institutions in biomedical and translational research. Participation of Sweden’s top institutions is an invaluable asset for EATRIS future development and further confirmation that EATRIS’ client orientation and operational models are believed to be instrumental in biomedical research and innovation in Europe. Sweden will be represented at the Board of National Directors by Erik Ingelsson, Professor of molecular epidemiology at Upssala University. Erik Ingelsson will be seconded by Ulrika Backman, national coordinator.

The EATRIS Board of Governors, Board of Directors, EATRIS institutions and EATRIS C&S are looking forward to working together with Sweden towards accomplishing the EATRIS mission and vision and warmly welcome Sweden.