TRANSVAC comes to an end: Reflecting on its achievements in paving the way for vaccine research

Published 26 April 2023

This month, EATRIS joined its TRANSVAC-2 partners for its final meeting in Brussels to close out this successful project which began in 2017.

TRANSVAC was designed to accelerate vaccine development by enhancing European vaccine research and training and increase the sustainability of the European Commission (EC) vaccine projects by implementing a permanent research infrastructure for early vaccine development. TRANSVAC, which first project began in 2009 during the H1N1 pandemic saw a renewed interest in vaccines from the research community and society. This period would also see a renaissance in new vaccine types offering alternative platforms to classic vaccines such as inactivated or live attenuated to where we are today with innovative mRNA vaccines which we all have learned about first-hand in these past 3 years.

EATRIS, and other EATRIS institutions made up the 26 partners from 9 countries offering cutting-edge services for vaccine development, trainings in vaccine development and a first-of-its-kind network that addressed gaps in vaccine R&D in Europe. EATRIS played a central role in providing regulatory support to small companies in addition to hosting 3 vaccine regulatory courses which will continue on our e-learning platform.

In total, TRANSVAC provided services to over 70 services to 60 vaccine development projects in addition to 30 training modules. TRANSVAC, like EATRIS, continues to provide free vaccine development services through the ISIDORe project and will work in the coming months to decide on what shape or form to continue to support vaccine development in the future.