How EATRIS-Plus is building strong partnerships between industry and academia

Published 1 November 2022

The EATRIS-Plus workshop on “Best practices in public-private collaboration” was held September 29-30, 2022, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The agenda of the workshop covered a wide range of topics selected to highlight the benefits and challenges of public-private collaboration from both ends, with speakers from industry and academia. The workshop programme was designed to provide interactive communication and exchange of experience, as well as useful tips on legislation and intellectual property. 

Participants sentiment

The workshop gathered 26 participants from 9 European countries, with a good balance between researchers and technology transfer officers (TTOs). The strong involvement of speakers from start-ups and biotechs allowed constructive dialogue between all parties involved in public-private partnerships.

What participants enjoyed most was the contact with real case-studies and true group work with discussion sessions in addition to theory. A few interesting suggestions were made by the participants to be included in the future workshops. Some of them stated that they would like to learn about how to better assess companies’ needs and challenges, how to apply for calls for project funding and how to build a consortium of partners. Some others said that it would be useful to understand  what innovation really means in the public-private partnerships contexts and how can academia and industry collaboration boost this process.

The post-workshop feedback showed great satisfaction from the participants, with a 100% recommendation rate.


EATRIS-Plus is a flagship project of EATRIS ERIC that aims to consolidate EATRIS infrastructure’s capacities in the field of personalized medicine, in order to better serve academia and industry. One of the main means to achieve this goal is to expand our training opportunities and deliver new educational events and content.

The main organizers of the workshop included an enthusiastic team from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy (Slovenia) led by prof. Dr. Irena Mlinarič-Raščan, The Catalonian bio cluster – Biocat (Spain) and EATRIS Coordination & Support Office (The Netherlands). The wide ranging speakers panel consisted of the following members: Tamara Carapina, Nigel Wagstaff and Martin de Kort from EATRIS C&S, biotech representatives Luigi Aurisicchio from Takis Biotech in Italy, Lenart Girandon from Educell in Slovenia, Ulf Nilsson from Galecto in Sweden, Laura Lizama from Heecap in Spain, Gregor Majdič from Animacel in Slovenia, Xavier Aldeguer from Biocat in Spain, Darja Ferčej Temeljotov from Novartis in Slovenia, Luis Ruiz-Avila from Aquilon Cyl SL and Leukos Biotech SL in Spain, as well as Marko Anderluh from UL FFA in Slovenia.

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