The initiative for the European Reference Networks (ERN)

Published 13 July 2016

The European Commission licensed the workplan for the year 2016 and it contains a number of initiative of interest for the members of EATRIS ( Especially the launch of the ERN will create a network of excellence in clinical practice. The natural counterpart for us to create an excellence network in translational medicine.

The Commission adopted the Work Programme for 2016 in Public Health. The funding opportunities address a number of the most urgent items in the research agenda for public health services in Europe.

  • Health of refugees and other migrants;
  • Tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and healthcare associated infections;
    Support to EU countries to respond quickly and efficiently to health crises (e.g. the Zika virus, pandemics…);
  • Supporting the establishment of European Reference Networks, and cooperation on eHealth and Health Technology Assessment (HTA);
  • Action on chronic diseases, and risk factors such as alcohol and tobacco; and
  • Preventing communicable diseases such as HIV-AIDS, viral hepatitis and tuberculosis

Calls for tenders for specific services described in the 2016 Work Programme will be announced on Chafea’s website. The overall total amount of EU funding available in 2016 covering grants and tenders is nearly €58 million, which given the complexity of the items on the agenda may seem limited. However, it is important to remember that these funds will be augmented by national funds on the same research objectives through Join Action and similar initiative. Most important is the relevance that the choice take to these arguments.

For more information on the Health Programme, and to read the 2016 Work Programme in full, see: