Report: Two-day ESPRC workshop in Cambridge

Published 13 July 2016

The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine this past month, organized a two-day workshop at Madingley Hall, Cambridge in which EATRIS was represented. The meeting showcased some of the important results of the work of the Centre in manufacturing science. The development pipeline of ATMPs does not simply end with market approval. In order for an ATMP or indeed any innovative therapy to be a viable clinical option, they must be manufactured to the highest standards where reproducibility and quality are maintained. Moreover, scale up of these therapeutic products is paramount as soaring costs of production can eliminate these therapies from the clinic if they cannot be reimbursed across different healthcare providers. Furthering our knowledge in best manufacturing practice of new therapies and getting these medicines to the patient in a more efficient and timely manner is fundamental to the EATRIS mission. The EPSRC provides the physical infrastructure and establishes an industry-ready format of process research fundamentals to the translational pipeline of medicines. Presentations over the two days were provided by a mix of both Centre investigators and researchers with specific break-out sessions aimed at understanding the status of the field in addition to offering the opportunity to network with key established and early career scientists.