Report TBVI meeting Switzerland

Published 13 July 2016

EATRIS last month was proud to be a part of the annual TBVI/TBVAC 2020 meeting. 167 participants attended the conference, which was held in Les Diablerets in Switzerland, from research institutions, industry, funding agencies, and technical agencies from 18 countries from all regions of the world. In addition to a series of presentations from experts in the TB field, this conference provided an excellent forum for knowledge sharing and exchange – through the TBVAC 2020 meetings and the TBVI Symposium networking opportunities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Tuberculosis is now killing more people each year than HIV. The WHO estimates that there were almost 10 million new cases of TB last year causing 1.5 million deaths. By comparison, 1.2 million lives were claimed by HIV. EATRIS aims to work closely with TBVI in the coming months to combine resources to address this infectious disease where prevalence of new cases continues to rise at an alarming rate.