Norway joins EATRIS

Published 13 July 2016

We are happy to share the good news that Norway has joined EATRIS as a member.

Since 2006, Norway was one of the eight countries instrumental in developing EATRIS as European infrastructure in translational medicine. The national selection of medical research institutions and legal issues regarding collaboration with the EU delayed Norway’s accession in recent years. These issues are solved now.

Tapping from their experiences in the past, Norwegian scientists will make a flying start joining EATRIS operations by delivering their high-end translational services to clients in their drug and diagnostics development projects.

Norwegian scientists will also join their European colleagues in strategic projects, aiming at further developing EATRIS into Europe’s leading translational medicine infrastructure. Prof. Kjetil Tasken, director of both the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo and the Centre of Molecular Medicine Norway, is appointed Norway’s scientific director to EATRIS.