New EURIPRED reference standards and reagents available Application will be assessed within a maximum of three weeks on receipt

Published 9 August 2016

Within the EURIPRED project, the following new products are recently developed and now available:

  • Pepmixes for M-tb: CFP-10, TP10.4 and AG85B
  • Peptide microarray for M-tb
  • mAbs anti HIV-1 p24
  • mAbs anti HIV-1 Nef
  • recombinant HIV-1 tat antigens
  • HIV+ clinical samples and primary isolates (subtype A1, B, C, F1 and URG_BG, URF_F1-CRF14BG)

A detailed list of all EURIPRED products is available here.
Besides this, through EURIPRED also the products in the CFAR catalogue are available.
Please contact Yann Le Duff for further information on EURIPRED reagents.

Overview of EURIPRED products (a better visible PDF can be found here).