Neuratris site visit

Published 9 August 2016

Last month, the EATRIS Coordination and Support team was welcomed for an impressive site visit to the French node of EATRIS, the NeuRATRIS translational research infrastructure facilities. NeurATRIS is the one-stop shop to 5 hospitals and public research institutes with internationally recognized expertise and skills in neuroimaging, pharmacology and biotherapies.

The NeurATRIS research facilities bring together:

Neuratris-Albert Chevalier-Henri Mondor Hospital

Neuratris-French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA)

Neuratris-Biotherapies Institute for Rare Diseases (BIRD)

Neuratris-Brain & Spine institute IHU-A-ICM

Neuratris-Neurosciences Bicêtre – Paris Sud (NBPS)

During the visit to the facilities, kindly hosted by Dr. Simone Mergui (I2BM/CEA, Executive Director) and Dr. Philippe Hantraye (MIRCen /CEA, Scientific Director), several highlights were presented to illustrate how the unique NeurATRIS infrastructure is use to accelerate the understanding of CNS biological and pathophysiological mechanisms, facilitating the completion of pre-clinical and clinical trials and at validate new treatments of nervous system diseases (Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis).

The NeurATRIS teams have capabilities to support the development of advanced therapies (gene and cell therapy) and molecular therapies, and have advanced neuroimaging facilities for the in vivo assessment of disease processes and therapeutic efficacy, including expert knowledge about well-developed non-human primate models (behavioral, cognitive, pharmacological). Amongst others, it offers high-end facilities with ‘open shop’ access to high-field MRI (e.g. NeuroSPIN institution integrated in a multicenter national neuro-imaging network), with vast experience in paediatric medicine and diagnostics development, qualified cell production facilities in combination with small molecule screening platforms and specialised radiochemistry and imaging labs for translation of new tracers. In summary, the NeurATRIS consortium offers access to cutting-edge neuroscience capabilities in an environment that fosters innovation and business development.

NeurATRIS has developed a range of Services for the realization of external projects offering immediate access to high-technology platforms for academic researchers, biotech, pharmaceutical, industrial and clinicians, covering the entire value chain of translational research in neuroscience and neurology.

NeurATRIS operates with 28M Eur funds over 10 years in the context of the 2012 “Investissements d’avenir Programme and has a bright future ahead with still expanding infrastructure and a vibrant scientific community. EATRIS C&S is thankful to all the colleagues for the warm reception and exposé of capabilitities in translational neurosciences and is looking forward to expanding its collaboration leveraging with the EATRIS matchmaking model for translational research services.

For specific enquiries about the EATRIS/NeurATRIS infrastructure services, please contact the NeurATRIS Business development manager Dr. Ali Aït-Ikhlef or Martin de Kort.