Multinational Collaboration About Quality Published in Genome Biology

Published 8 December 2021

Academics affiliated with EATRIS have contributed to a new multinational publication in Genome Biology called: “The SEQC2 epigenomics quality control (EpiQC) study”. The paper presents a multi-platform assessment and cross-validated resource for epigenetics research from the FDA’s Epigenomics Quality Control Group, which is part of the SEQC2 consortium. The data can be used to guide the use of DNA reference materials in epigenomics research, as well as provide best practices for experimental design in future studies. By leveraging human cell lines that are designated as publicly available reference materials, the study can be used as a baseline to advance epigenomics research. The publication can be found here.

As you will see, EATRIS is mentioned as an affiliation in the article, as on all SEQC2 publications with participation of EATRIS members. Congratulations to all of the EATRIS academics who were involved in the project: Jessica Nordlund, Inmaculada Ibanez de Caceres, Andreas Scherer, Anders Lundmark, Amanda Raine, Ulrika Liljedahl, Tomas Axelsson, Carlos Rodriguez-Antolin and Rocio Rosas.

This is part of a Nature series of SEQC2 articles between Nature Biotechnology and Genome Biology, coordinated with the FDA, that will be hosted here and here.

You can find out more about EATRIS Quality Initiative (EQI) here.