Luxembourg joins EATRIS

Published 23 June 2016


We are happy to share the good news that Luxembourg has joined EATRIS as a member country. Luxembourg actively accelerates the development of its biomedical scientific community.  Translating outcomes of scientific research into innovations for patients is one of their key priorities.

IBBL is thrilled that Luxembourg has become part of EATRIS

As the Luxembourg national scientific delegate to EATRIS, Dominic Allen of the Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL) articulates: “IBBL is thrilled that Luxembourg has become part of EATRIS. Being part of EATRIS will open up new opportunities for IBBL with its wide range of services to offer in support of biomedical research, and for many other Luxembourg-based organisations with their advanced technology platforms. We are excited to share our expertise and join this European translational medicine effort.”