The Academic-Industry complex

What is the key success factor in your project? A seemingly simple question that may not be so easily answered. In particular when it comes to collaborations that involve multiple stakeholders, from both the public and the private side. In a recent keynote review, published in Drug Discovery Today,  Stephen Freedman and Kevin Mullane (Gladstone Institutes) outline the complexities of the innovation pipeline at the interface of academia and industry. And they provide an overview of emerging trends with guidance to boost industry collaborations. Apart from good science and project champions on both ends, key to success is clear alignment on expectations and commitment in the collaboration.

At EATRIS Coordination and Support office we see a growing portfolio of public-public and public-private collaborations, whether it is matchmaking to serve client’s projects or developing strategic initiatives with partners to enhance the output in translational medicine. In close collaboration with the EATRIS national nodes, we continue to provide tailor-made solutions with the right partners, with the right expertise and the right framework. After all, translational medicine is all about team science, and often we have to look beyond our organisational boundaries to build the best team.

Drug Discovery Today

The academic–industrial complex: navigating the translational and cultural divide