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Published 31 May 2018

ECaDE: changing the way early cancer detection research is approached

In this online interview, Anton Ussi explains about the Early Cancer Detection Europe (ECaDE) programme, a programme that came into life in 2016 and supports researchers in the development of new diagnostics for early cancer detection. It brings together dozens of research institutions, collaborating in discovering and validating biomarkers.

Despite a favourable cancer care and research environment, with strong screening programmes in many countries, the lack of integration hampers the development of new biomarkers for early detection and for accurate identification of non-aggresive lesions. To fill this gap a group of European cancer experts, led by the EATRIS, started the ECaDE initiative to work more closely together to improve efficiency of the research and development process in this field.

Speaking to SciTtech Europa, Anton Ussi further outlines the need for a more cohesive approach and for a paradigm shift in how research into early cancer detection is both supported and conducted. The Early Cancer Detection Europe initiative seeks to work directly with funders to help their investigators establish the perfect team, with access to the right resources across Europe for the best chances of project success. But this paradigm change, with the funder becoming an investor in the outcomes, will take time but is believed to be a key success factor.

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