Twelve ESFRI Biological and Medical Sciences Research Infrastructures sign MoU

Published 13 July 2016

Twelve Biological and Medical Sciences Research Infrastructures (BMS RI) on the ESFRI roadmap have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish the BMS RI Strategy Board, a framework for strategic collaboration and cooperation.
The objectives of the Strategy Board are to:

  • Align and coordinate access to the research infrastructures;
  • Jointly develop procedures, methodologies and quality standards to stimulate seamless development of European research and innovation;
  • Design joint long-term strategic plans to effectively align service developments for the benefit of European life-science researchers and other users; and to
  • Coordinate efforts on cross-disciplinary networking outreach to users, funding organisations and other stakeholders.

Creating a coherent and effective biomedical innovation eco-system in Europe is a leading priority for the Strategy Board. Jacques Demotes of ECRIN ERIC was voted in as the first chair of the Strategy Board. We look forward to collaborating with our biomedical RI colleagues, and expect to achieve much in this context, especially when combined with the activities of the CORBEL project.