Gearing Up For Two New H2020 Projects

Published 13 July 2016

Over the next four years, EATRIS will be involved in two Horizon 2020 projects: Coordinated Research Infrastructures Building Enduring Life-Science Services: (CORBEL) and Research Infrastructures Training Programme (RI-TRAIN).

CORBEL (H2020-INFRADEV4) will establish a collaborative and sustained framework of shared services between the ESFRI Biological & Medical Research Infrastructures. This aims to transform biomedical research in Europe – from the discovery of basic biological mechanisms to applied medical translation – through the provisioning of harmonised services, including:

  • Accession processes;
  • Unified ethical and legal support;
  • Joint data management;
  • andCoordinated user access to advanced research instruments, facilities and samples.

EATRIS will be lead the work package around ‘Accelerating Innovation’, which provides access to real-time expertise in public-private collaborations by sharing best practices and developing innovative tools for all biomedical science research infrastructures.