‘Fast Matchmaking’ for Horizon 2020: looking for partners? Find out how EATRIS can support your consortium!

Published 9 August 2016

Do you plan on submitting a H2020 proposal in the upcoming months? EATRIS can help you identify the right partner for your consortium among 80+ EATRIS institutions across Europe.

EATRIS identified relevant services that you could be looking for under the following H2020-Health (SC1) calls:

  • SC1-PM-02-2017: New concepts in patient stratification
  • SC1-PM-03-2017: Diagnostic characterization of rare diseases
  • SC1-PM-08-2017: New therapies for rare diseases
  • SME-Instrument-05-2016-2017: Supporting innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector

For more information on EATRIS ‘Fast Matchmaking’, please contact Anne-Charlotte: