ELIXIR Training Portal TeSS

Published 12 June 2017

Browsing, discovering and organising life sciences training resources, aggregated from ELIXIR nodes and 3rd-party providers.

TeSS is ELIXIR’s Training e-Support System, developed by ELIXIR-UK, for disseminating, discovering and packaging training resources, primarily by aggregating information from ELIXIR nodes, but also from various 3rd-party content providers.

New technologies are generating huge amounts of life-science data, which scientists need to transform into new discoveries. However, few researchers have all the right skills to take advantage of this sudden data bonanza.

ELIXIR-UK is responding to this challenge by coordinating European initiatives to training research scientists in computing, statistics and bioinformatics. By plugging the skills gap, ELIXIR-UK aims to strengthen life sciences across Europe and set the agenda for future training needs.



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Browse the catalogue of training materials offered by ELIXIR nodes and 3rd-party providers.



Create training packages by grouping resources that address your particular training topic.



Create training workflows to visualise learning steps and link to resources specific to your training needs.



Browse training providers to discover training resources they offer and follow links to their materials and courses.