EATRIS welcomes Dr. Toni Andreu as new Scientific Director

Published 8 December 2017

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EATRIS is thrilled to name Dr. Antonio Andreu, MD PhD, as their new Scientific Director, replacing Giovanni Migliaccio, as of 1 January 2018.

Spanish born Andreu, a medical doctor who holds a PhD in Medicine specializing in Clinical Biochemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), has a proven track record in biomedical research and brings with him years of experience in top-level management and policy-making. Among his impressive accomplishments are eight awards in the field of clinical genetics and 160 authored publications regarding neuromuscular diseases.

Toni joins at a time when EATRIS begins to sharpen its focus on the advancement of analytical technologies and biological tools pivotal to the development of effective and personalised medical outcomes for patients.

Anton Ussi, Finance and Operations Director of EATRIS, said ‘Toni has the ideal profile to run an infrastructure at the heart of science, innovation and healthcare. We couldn’t have hoped to find a more perfect fit. Toni’s passion and enthusiasm for improving patient outcomes, on the basis of excellent science, was evident from the start.’

Dr Andreu said, ‘I have no doubt that EATRIS is going to play a major role in a global disruptive transformation that will facilitate scientific outcomes becoming accessible therapies for our citizens, quickly. I feel really excited to be part of this journey as my work experience in basic science, policy-making and clinical research, has shown me that when science, industry, patients and health care systems work together, the energy created can overcome any obstacles.’

Toni’s arrival marks Giovanni Migliaccio’s retirement who, after almost five years of steering EATRIS through infancy to operational maturity, will remain an active advisor for all regulatory science activities.

EATRIS offers a cutting-edge translational medicine approach to accelerated drug development, for researchers and pharmaceutical companies, that contributes to better health for all. Andreu’s presence compliments a new phase in EATRIS’ growth as it looks to establish itself a sustainable infrastructure, working to boost European biomedical innovation and advance the field of translation sciences.