EATRIS unveils new tagline: ‘Science beyond barriers. Medicine beyond borders’

Published 5 January 2023

We are pleased to unveil the new EATRIS tagline: ‘Science beyond barriers. Medicine beyond borders.’ 

We set out to find a short phrase that encapsulates the essence of EATRIS in a clear, simple and catchy way. We wanted a slogan that would help our community convey who and what we are in a concise manner. 

Developing the tagline

Led by our Communications team, and with valuable input from every corner of our community, we put a call out via our newsletters and social media for people to submit ideas for our new tagline. This gave rise to over 100 options for us to consider. 

We partnered with branding experts from Letterhead Ltd to distill the submissions into a shortlist of eight options for the next round of community input. We then sought input from a group of key stakeholders in the form of an online survey to see if there was consensus on the choice. A clear favourite emerged. Over 70% selected our new tagline within their top 3. The executive management team ratified the selection, which was then presented and approved by the EATRIS Boards in November 2022.

The new tagline

What we like about ‘Science beyond barriers. Medicine beyond borders.’ is that it: 

  • Encapsulates the essence of EATRIS in a clear, simple and catchy way;
  • Has an artistic construction (alliteration, repetition, rhythm, flow);
  • Embodies numerous conceptual elements of EATRIS (global, a bridging relationship between science and medicine);
  • Has a subtle balance of being descriptive and expansive
  • Emerged from, and resonated with, our community.

The new phrase will sit alongside new materials, like the new EATRIS one-pager. It is great to see it has already been featured in a newly published article by FEBS and adopted as the tagline for the newly launched EATRIS 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

Thanks to everyone involved in suggesting and selecting the new EATRIS tagline. We hope you like it as much as we do, and can embrace it in your future EATRIS conversations, presentations and communications.