EATRIS Sweden visits SciLifeLab

Published 13 February 2023

SciLifeLab (Science for Life Laboratory) is a world-leading Swedish national centre for large-scale research and one of Europe’s largest molecular biology research laboratories at the forefront of innovation in life sciences research. SciLifeLab is also part of the EATRIS Sweden node.

On 8 February 2023, EATRIS Sweden National Coordinator, Ulrika Bäckman, visited SciLifeLab in Stockholm, where she met with Infrastructure Coordinator, Lars Johansson, External Relations Officer, Per Lek and Communication Manager, Anna Frejd. EATRIS Sweden was then introduced to SciLifeLab’s Platform Coordinators. Ulrika Bäckman described the encounter as a “possibility for the Swedish node to grow, both in terms of infrastructure and expertise”.

Late last year, SciLifeLab National Genomics Infrastructure (in the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) received the EATRIS Certificate of Commitment to Quality (ECCQ) pilot. This Certificate was signed at the EATRIS Board of National Directors meeting in Amsterdam and handed over to Ulrika Bäckman, National Coordinator of EATRIS Sweden.

From left to right: Lars Johansson (SciLifeLab Infrastructure Coordinator), Ulrika Bäckman (EATRIS Sweden National Coordinator) and Per Lek (SciLifeLab External Relations Officer).