EATRIS Product Platform Combined Meeting progressing

Published 13 July 2016

The organisation of the Product Platform Combined Meeting to be held in Barcelona in January 28 – 29th is progressing nicely. Four themes for break-out sessions have been defined.

A. Technologies to Establish Potency Assays in Vaccine and ATMP Development
Currently there exists a lack of robust potency assays for (complex) innovative Vaccines and ATMPs. In this session, innovative technologies to correlate mode of action (MOA) with clinical benefit will be addressed, encompassing identification and validation of in vitro and in vivo surrogate biomarkers.

B. Targeted Drug Delivery
Improved approaches for targeted or local delivery of (novel and existing) drugs that suffer from small therapeutic window or systemic toxicity are fundamental to treating certain disease types, including cancer. This session will cover the translation of novel potential technologies such as nano- carriers in combination with ultrasound delivery.

C. 3-D cell cultures; translational models in vitro and in vivo
3-D cell systems represent a tool for prediction of efficacy, and toxicity of drugs and also play a role in regenerative medicine. This session explores the common validation requirements for using these systems in drug screening and therapeutic use (e.g. issue engineering). Possible technologies include the use of Imaging and biomarkers for identity and functionality of the construct.

D. In Vivo Cell Tracking using Molecular Imaging in a Clinical setting
Technologies that can track small quantities of cells over long periods to assess efficacy and distribution in addition to in situ targeting of cell recruitment and activation, are becoming important tools in the clinical setting. This session will address possible technologies including cell-labeling strategies based on imaging and tracing.

The break out-session will be a great occasion to exchange technologies and practices across fields; identify gaps and formulate solutions to address them; develop new services. The second day will be the EATRIS product platform meetings. Both days are open to all representatives of the EATRIS institutions.

For more information contact:
David Morrow (, ATMP and Vaccines
Florence Bietrix (, Biomarkers
Martin de Kort (, Imaging & Tracing and Small Molecules