EATRIS joins as a partner the TRANSVAC-DS Project

Published 3 July 2020

Technology platform Vaccines

We are excited to announce that we joined the TRANSVAC-DS Project, that aims to establish a sustainable European vaccine infrastructure.


The main output of TRANSVAC-DS will be a conceptual design report that will describe in detail the maturity of the concept and be the basis for the establishment of a permanent and sustainable vaccine infrastructure of direct relevance to and benefit for Europe and further afield. As part of the design report, a five-year business plan will be delivered together with an implementation plan that will guide the further establishment of a sustainable European vaccine infrastructure.

Press Release

Heidelberg, 3 July 2020

Vaccination is one of the most effective public health tools available to humanity. Outstanding achievements of vaccination include the control and eradication of several previously devastating human diseases. Veterinary vaccines, on the other hand, not only protect animal health but also have a direct impact on human health by preventing animal-to-human transmission of zoonotic pathogens and by reducing the use of antibiotics in animal production.

The importance of vaccines has been highlighted by the COVID-19 crisis as never before. Acknowledging the urgent need to support the development of novel vaccines, the European Commission (EC) has recently awarded further funding to a large European consortium led by the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI) that aims to explore and prepare the further establishment of a sustainable vaccine infrastructure in Europe…

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