EATRIS discuss Imaging and Cell Therapies at the Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress in London

Published 28 May 2019

Technology platform ATMP

Last week EATRIS hosted a workshop and a panel discussion on the need for innovative imaging approaches for optimizing cell therapies. Both sessions were well received with Dr Mangala Srinivas (Radboudumc) and our Finnish National Director Dr Seppo Yla-Herttuala (University of Eastern Finland) joining the stage. Regulatory group Asphalion also joined the Workshop on the pre-conference day with Dr Christopher Mann giving the regulatory perspective on the use of imaging agents to track cell therapies at the preclinical and clinical stage.
This conference, which EATRIS was part of the Scientific Advisory Board, also hosted a keynote lecture for Nobel Prize winner for IPSCs, Dr Shinya Yamanaka.
This successful event created a momentum that we look forward to using with a view to driving forward the EATRIS flagship initiative of developing an innovative cell tracking platform for optimizing cell therapies. Stay tuned!