EATRIS Certificate of Commitment to Quality handed over to SciLifeLab

Published 9 March 2023

The EATRIS Certificate of Commitment to Quality (ECCQ) was launched in October 2022 under the EATRIS-Plus project and spearheaded by the EATRIS Quality Initiative. Now the pilot recipient has received the certificate at a handover ceremony in Uppsala, Sweden.

The first ECCQ Certificate was awarded to the SciLifeLab National Genomics Infrastructure (in the SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) at Uppsala University, Sweden. This Certificate was signed at the meeting of the EATRIS Board of National Directors in Amsterdam, and handed over to Ulrika Bäckman, National Coordinator of EATRIS Sweden who delivered it to Uppsala personally. Find out more about the announcement of ECCQ here.

On 3 March 2023, Jessica Nordlund (Researcher at the Department of Medical Sciences, Molecular Precision Medicine) and Kristina Larsson (Head of the group at the Department of Medical Sciences, SNP&SEQ Technology Platform) received the certificate at the Biomedicinskt Centrum, Uppsala University (image on the right). On this occasion, EATRIS Sweden National Director Pontus Aspenström addressed those present and congratulated award recipients, Jessica, Kristina and their colleagues (image below).

The rationale of the certificate is to have a simple, transparent, easy-to-use and easy-to-apply-for system for acknowledging commitment to quality in research. Once the pilot phase is completed, we aim to open applications to all EATRIS member institutions for their dedication to quality in translational research.