EATRIS Annual Report 2019

Published 28 August 2020

We are proud to present the highlights of 2019 activities for EATRIS-ERIC. As the first year of operations under the current Strategic Plan – to run until 2022 – the year can be summed up as one of new beginnings, as well as of consolidation of past achievements.

We are excited to have added several new international projects to our portfolio – in 2019 a total of seven EC-funded projects were granted, with several projects of European interest starting in the year. Of particular note is the commencement of the European Joint Programme in Rare Diseases, a €108 million initiative involving more than eighty partners in over thirty countries. EATRIS, together with our linked third parties VHIR in Barcelona, Spain and UiO in Oslo, Norway, have a leading role as co-leaders of the translational and clinical innovation pillar, and together with ISCIII in Madrid, Spain, co-lead the sustainability planning for the whole endeavour.

Alongside a strongly growing academic R&D focus, we consolidate our industry activities by continuing to serve international small-medium and large industry users. And of course, our ongoing collaboration with GSK in the unique Immune Inflammation Imaging Hub portfolio continues to expand, with several projects successfully reaching their development milestones, and novel projects added to the portfolio.

A principal component of the current Strategic Plan is to facilitate high-quality research and development for personalised medicine. To that end, EATRIS is very proud to have successfully received a positive funding review for the flagship project EATRIS-Plus in 2019, which launched in January 2020. This project will shape the EATRIS infrastructure for years to come, with a focus on facilitating high-quality multi-omic research for personalised medicine. It will also augment our multi-disciplinary approach through activities with patient communities, industry, other infrastructures, and global peers, such as those in Translation Together, which continues to thrive.

All in all, we can happily report a very exciting and successful year, in which we honed existing strategies and carefully implemented new routes to improving the process of translation. We hope you enjoy the highlights in the Annual Report 2019!