EATRIS and ZonMw extend collaboration with further projects

Published 13 July 2016

EATRIS and ZonMw have extended their collaboration in the field of translational research. EATRIS-Inside was successfully piloted with the 2014 ZonMw 2TREAT call, and will now be extended with translational projects in the MEMORABEL programme. The MEMORABEL programme – part of the ‘Deltaplan for Dementia’ – is focused on dementia research, improvement of healthcare and social innovation, in which the research is jointly funded by ZonMw and Alzheimer Nederland.

The Deltaplan for Dementia is a nationwide public-private initiative that aims to tackle and manage the growing problem of dementia, by utilising the Netherlands’ innovative strengths in science, product innovation and healthcare (including healthcare policy). The Deltaplan focuses on the Netherlands, but it also ties in well with the latest international developments and insights. Partners from both the public and private sectors have now committed themselves to support the plan.

The Deltaplan for Dementia consists of 3 elements: an eight-year programme focusing on aetiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment, and efficient care, improvement of health care, and social innovation to stimulate a society that is more dementia friendly.

The goal of MEMORABEL is to gather knowledge that might in the long term help to stem the growth in the number of patients, improve the quality of life of people with dementia and improve the care and support they receive.

For more information visit: Memorabel: dementia research and innovation programme