EATRIS and EUPATI toolbox: new article published on Translational Medicine

Published 18 August 2022

As part of our ongoing collaboration with the European Patient Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI), EATRIS has contributed to a major update and revision of a resource on translational medicine.

When EATRIS was approached to contribute to this overhaul, it was clear this is not a straightforward task. Translational medicine is an area of biomedical research that has matured over the years as a discipline and is multidisciplinary in nature and spans a wide range of adjacent fields and products, including preventions, diagnoses, and treatments of disease. However, through interactions with our peers (e.g. Translation Together) we have been able to contribute some valuable updates, explain the core concept and history of translational medicine as a bi-directional and multi-stakeholder approach, highlight the characteristics of a translational scientist, described the challenges and opportunities for translational medicine (e.g. quality, reproducibility, and the valley of death) and list some notable technological developments (e.g. CRISPR technology and the maturing field of advanced therapies) and the remarkable recent achievement of the COVID-19 vaccine development as an example.

The article has been recently accepted by the Toolbox editorial board and is now available to millions of users for free. The Toolbox is a library gathering a large panel of articles and resources on medicines, R&D and patient engagement.

Martin de Kort, EATRIS Senior Scientific Programme Manager, was one of the co-authors of the article and said the following: “We believe that it is a useful resource for patients who are aspiring to take a more active role in the therapeutic innovation and development chain and making it more accessible. This will in turn also bring us closer to patients, which is essential for our overarching goal in improving processes for better patient outcomes.”


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