Dr. Migliaccio to speak at CELLS Orthopedics

Published 13 July 2016

EATRIS scientific director Migliaccio will speak at Cells | Orthopedics. This conference has uniquely been designed to provide understanding of accepted present indications, potential future indications, regulatory restrictions on some therapies and patient advocacy approaches to the broadening of indications in the future.

The dynamics of clinical practice in the various musculoskeletal fields will change dramatically over the next decades. A key driver in those changes will be increasing validation of — and demand by patients for — cellular and tissue therapies. The angiogenic, reparative and immuno-modulatory effects of such therapies are now well documented. However, proper translation to the clinic of evidence-based regenerative medicine procedures demands knowledge of tissue extraction techniques, cell processing and characterization, imaging protocols, doses, patient education materials and regulatory constraints. The CELLS | Orthopedics 2015 conference will address all these, and provide you the scientific, clinical and practical foundation for building a successful regenerative medicine practice.

For further information: http://www.rgnmed.com/events