Conference Report – New Horizons for Vaccine Research and Innovation, Brussels, Belgium, 12-13 March 2014

Published 13 July 2016

This event was organised by the European Commission directly after the flagship EU Innovation Convention.

World-renowned experts discussed the future of vaccine research, touching on the main scientific, social and economic challenges. Up to 200 researchers, clinicians, social scientists, private and public sector partners, advocates, funders and policy makers attended the event. It included three thematic sessions:

1. Vaccine innovation: with people – for people

This session addresses societal questions of vaccine uptake and acceptance as well as the participation of volunteers in vaccine clinical trials.

2. Innovation in vaccine design

This session covers challenging technical aspects of vaccine development, ranging from delivery systems and adjuvants to clinical trials and regulatory aspects. Particular emphasis will be placed on the discussion of current bottlenecks and innovative solutions.

3. Vaccine Innovation – Who pays?

This session will first address economic cost-benefit analyses of vaccine research. It then focuses on new financial and organizational models for the support of such research, ranging from public-private (IMI) and public-public (EDCTP) partnerships to product development partnerships, and highlights the perspective of emerging markets.

The presentations from the sessions are available to download from the European Commission’s website through the following link: click here.

To download the post conference report please click here.