As EATRIS Grows, C&S Announces Staffing Changes

Published 13 July 2016

Over the last six months, EATRIS has welcomed two new staff members and undergone a number of internal role changes to better meet our organisational needs at this stage of growth.

Internally, severally staff members transitioned into more senior, managerial positions. Anton Ussi transitioned from his former role as Head of Operations to become the new EATRIS Operations & Finance Director. Florence Bietrix is now Operations Manager, alongside her function as the Biomarkers Product Platform Manager. In this new structure, Frank de Man, former Finance Director, remains with EATRIS in the role of Governance & Strategy.

Kees de Ruig joined us at the beginning 2015 as the Business Development Manager. Continuing his career in the sciences, in 2014 Kees received his MBA, writing on open innovation in life sciences. Previously, Kees worked as a Project Manager at the phase 1 unit Pharma BioResearch and as a Manager of the Project Management Team at imaging core lab BioClinica. He has a background in Medicinal Chemistry and obtained a Master’s degree at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Lisa Rebert, with a solid track record in non-profit and corporate communications, joined our team in February 2015 as our Communications Manager. Lisa has related biomedical and public health research experience, with a particular focus on the intersection of biotechnologies, healthcare, medicine, and patient inclusion. Her other areas of interest and expertise include HIV/AIDS, gender, genetics, and life insurance.

We are looking forward to adding a new team member later this year in the role of ATMP and Vaccines Product Platform Manager.