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Published 3 February 2017

Technology platform Small molecules

NEURON – Call for Proposals for Research Projects on “Synaptic Dysfunction in Disorders of the Central Nervous System”

Deadline for pre-proposal submission: March 14, 2017, 14:00 CET.

Are you currently preparing a pre-proposal for the newly open call from NEURON? Still looking for expertise?

EATRIS can provide you access to the services listed below.

Additionally, for investigators from EATRIS institutions, EATRIS offers free of charge translational feasibility assessment of proposals (limited number).

Examples of services that can be provided by EATRIS institutions:

  • Rodent models of epilepsies, schizophrenia, migraine, autism, fragile X syndrome, and attentional deficit;
  • Automated phenomics;
  • Biologically-informed protein interactomics;
  • 1000+ gene synaptic gene library including comprehensive gene sets for neurotransmitter metabolism, intracellular trafficking, exocytosis, ion balance and transport, and peptide and neutrophin signalling;
  • Advanced electron microscopy capabilities including serial block-face imaging and automated 3D-EM;
  • Automated high content cellomics for synapse: number, density, size, shape, intensity, distance;
  • High content synaptic transmission assays measuring evoked and spontaneous release, vesicular pool sizes, plasticity, and morphology;
  • Well-characterized patient clinical cohorts and CSF, blood and other biofluid depositories in all relevant disease areas;
  • Post-mortem brain tissue in schizophrenia, bipolar, major depressive disorder, and controls;
  • Multimodal preclinical and clinical imaging including PET, DaT-SPECT, human 7 and 9.4 tesla MRI, and advanced techniques including DTI, NODDI. Access to synaptic PET tracers is possible for preclinical applications;
  • Advanced functional connectivity methodology including multilevel EEG network analysis, MEG, and fMRI.

JPND – Call for multinational research projects for pathway analysis across neurodegenerative diseases 

Deadline for pre-proposal submission: March 6, 2017, 23:59 CET

EATRIS can support your search for consortium partners. Please contact us and let us know about the specific expertise you are looking for.