29 years of INFARMED

Published 18 January 2022

INFARMED are celebrating their 29th anniversary this month. INFARMED is a world-renowned EATRIS institute based in Portugal that evaluates, authorises, regulates and controls medicines and health products for the protection public health. The institute’s main goal is to ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines and the quality, safety and performance of health products in order to avoid the risks of their use while ensuring adequate standards of public health and consumer’s protection.

INFARMED integrates several networks at the European level, covering the spectrum of its regulatory action, particularly in the European Network of Drug and Medical Device Authorities, in the Network of Competent Authorities in Prices and Co-payments, as well as in the Network of Official Testing Laboratories of the Quality of Medicines and in several product committees and working groups.

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National Coordinator of Portugal