Robert Debré Hospital – Neurodiderot

Address INSERM UMR 1141 NeuroDiderot
Hôpital Robert Debré
Bâtiment Bingen
Point Jaune-3ème et 4ème Etages
48, boulevard Sérurier
75019 Paris
Platforms Imaging & Tracing

Medical research at Neuro Diderot

The five research teams of this Neurosciences laboratory work on understanding the mechanisms that alter the functioning of the developing brain from the fetus to the adolescent , whether the origins of the dysfunctions are genetic or acquired (as a result of an infection or to physical trauma, for example) and whether the diseases are frequent or only affect a small number of patients (rare diseases).

The laboratory is headed by Pierre Gressens , Research Director at Inserm (France) and Professor of Fetal and Neonatal Neurology at King’s College in London (United Kingdom).

UMR Neurodiderot is a public research laboratory resulting from the pooling by several distinct administrative structures ( National Institute of Health and Medical Research, Universities of Paris 7 and Paris 13, National Center for Scientific Research, Commissariat for ‘Atomic Energy ) of human, material and financial resources.

Installed within the Robert-Debré Hospital, one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Europe, the Research Unit benefits from an optimal working environment to constantly promote exchanges between patients, the medical profession and researchers. . It is an integral part of the hospital and works in close collaboration with the various hospital departments.

At the national level, the unit also coordinates a network of clinical and biological structures, called DHU PROTECT (University Hospital Department – ​​Promoting Research Oriented Towards Early CNS Therapies).

At the international level, the unit is part of a network of laboratories (Europe, United States, Asia, etc.) which collaborate with each other to pool their knowledge and know-how for the benefit of patients.