Stem Cell Biology, Cancer Plasticity, and Therapeutic Potential

Date & Time 25-26 April 2023
Location Virtual Event

This virtual conference will share recent advancements in tissue stem cells biology and the link to cancer heterogenicity and plasticity. Using a variety of experimental model systems, the conference offers a holistic view of the molecular programs of cellular plasticity (both cell-intrinsic and microenvironmental) which drive healthy stem cell functions as well as cancer growth. Increased knowledge on the abnormal stemness behaviour holds the potential for novel therapeutic interventions against cancer. Key topics include the fundamentals of tissue stem cells biology, stem cell niches and aging, and the drivers of cellular plasticity in cancer.

Who should attend?
This conference will be relevant for lab-based and clinical researchers, as well as those working in industry. The target audience ranges from students to established PIs who have a keen interest in stem cell field and cancer cell plasticity. We particularly encourage discussions from young scientists in the field.

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