Precision Public Health series – session 4: Socioeconomic Inequalities

Date & Time 7 December 2021 14:00-16:00 CET
Location Virtual
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Join us in our free webinar series and deep dive into the field of Precision Public Health. Our internationally recognised speakers will present their latest research in four webinar sessions from November 16 to December 7, 2021.

In Public Health, Epidemiology, or Clinical Research, the ultimate objective is essentially to deliver the right intervention to the right person, at the right time. To achieve this, we can now rely, in our digital and data-driven world, on an increasing volume of data generated by populations and patients. This massively impacts the way we conduct research, with many opportunities but also many challenges ahead of us, which will be discussed during this webinar series.

How can we use real-life data to better characterise populations and patients, according to their environment, their lifestyle, their biological characteristics, to design better-tailored preventive strategies and more personalised treatments? The answer to this and much more will be the topic of discussion during our webinar series.

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Session 4 – Socioeconomic Inequalities – December 7, 2021
2PM to 4PM CET

chaired by Maria Ruiz, PhD

Precision Public Health and presentation of the webinar programme
Guy Fagherazzi, PhD – LIH

Introduction of the session
Maria Ruiz, PhD – LIH

Data and Public Health: considering social and socioeconomic challenges
Michelle Kelly-Irving, PhD – INSERM

Socio-environmental determinants of cardiometabolic health
Maria Ruiz, PhD – LIH

Social inequalities in environmental exposures and health over space and time: accounting for daily and residential mobilities
Camille Perchoux, PhD –  LISER

More cost-effective but less equitable? Incorporating socioeconomic inequalities into economic evaluation of health policy evaluations
Marc Suhrcke, PhD – LISER

Q&A session led by Maria Ruiz, PhD