Patient Engagement Open Forum 2021

Date & Time 23-24 June 2021 at 16.30-18.00 CEST
Address Virtual

The Patient Engagement Open Forum 2021 is organised online as a series of events, once every quarter. The events span over two afternoons (CET/CEST), back-to-back, four times a year: April, June, September, and December. The Patient Engagement Open Forum is a patient-centred environment for co-creation of solutions with and by all involved stakeholders to practice and advance patient engagement (PE).

The Forum aims to facilitate collaboration and co-creation of real solutions for patients with patients while providing a holistic perspective of patient engagement, its landscape, and actors.  Over the last years, it has become the place for the patient engagement community to foster innovation, network, share practices, build trust, acceptance, and awareness.

Read more about the Patient Engagement Open Forum here and register here.

Special highlight to the sponsors who made #PEOF2021 happen: BayerJanssenGalapagosRoche and Novartis.