ISIDORe First Anniversary Celebration (Annual Meeting)

Date & Time 29 March 2023
Location Virtual Event

One year ago, “Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research” (ISIDORe) was launched with an ambition to propose a new approach to epidemic preparedness and response research in Europe. Coordinated by ERINHA and involving all major European Research Infrastructures and infectious disease networks, ISIDORe assembles and provides free access to an unprecedented One Health-driven integrated portfolio of cutting-edge research resources, dedicated to the study of epidemic-prone diseases.

During its first year, the ISIDORe programme supported rapid research response and epidemic preparedness research by launching calls for proposals targeting SARS-CoV-2 variants, Monkeypox virus and a large variety of pathogens included in the priory list of pathogens for epidemic preparedness.

As part of its first annual meeting, the ISIDORe first anniversary half-day event is open to external audiences and will gather speakers from the key European infectious disease funding and policy-making bodies, relevant initiatives, as well as the ISIDORe project. The event will provide an insight to the ongoing European efforts in the field of pandemic preparedness and response, and will showcase the outcomes of the ISIDORe supported research projects.

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