EATx HYBRID ‘Imaging techniques and clinical applications’

Date & Time Monday 1st March 2021 at 15.00 CET
Location Virtual

This episode features HYBRID, which is an European Commission funded industrial academic initial training network. The ultimate goal of HYBRID is to establish the field of non-invasive disease characterization beyond the narrower vision of radiomics. Specifically, they seek to adopt a more inclusive approach to image analysis, that considers anatomical, functional and hybrid imaging, together with related clinical non-imaging parameters that are extracted from patients during their work-up.

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There will be the following three talks:

Vicky Goh will cover current practice; and discuss potential synergisms with integrated PET/MRI in disease detection and response assessment. The talk is entitled: “Assessing multiple myeloma: Potential synergisms with integrated PET/MRI”.

Stephan Nekolla will give a brief overview of multimodal applications in non-invasive cardiac imaging. While mono-modal imaging is clearly the dominating approach in cardiac imaging, synergistic use of integrated modalities offer advantages. However, the increased complexity is an important factor and needs to be carefully evaluated.

Malene Fischer will talk about how hybrid imaging can improve radiotherapy planning by improving our knowledge on tumour biology, decreasing uncertainties related to segmentation and pave the way for dose painting and adaptive treatment.



This EATx HYBRID is one of three sessions in collaboration with HYBRID and focuses on the topic of the clinical application of imaging techniques. The topic will be introduced by Malene Fischer (King’s College London), Vicky Goh (King’s College London), and Stephan Nekolla (Technical University of Munich). They will focus on the role of imaging techniques in radiotherapy planning, cancer treatment, and cardiology, respectively.

More info on HYBRID can be found here.

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