EACR-OECI Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer

Date & Time 28-30 March 2023
Location Bergamo, Italy

This conference provides a comprehensive understanding of the scope, methods, future directions, and challenges in molecular pathology, particularly those relating to comprehensive genomic profiling in cancer research and clinical settings. The event focuses on innovative approaches that will empower the next generation of molecular pathologists. Upcoming applications of multiparametric immunoanalysis, liquid biopsy, and AI in pathology will be addressed. Other topics to be covered include comprehensive cancer profiling in diagnostics, novel approaches for developing and implementing biomarkers in both oncology and pathology, and spatial and longitudinal markers for tumor heterogeneity.

Who should attend?
This conference will be of interest to a diverse audience including pathologists, molecular pathologists, and pathology residents, as well as researchers in the field of molecular diagnostics and precision oncologists. The conference population will thus simulate the multidisciplinary teams that act in the real world to facilitate interdisciplinary research and patient treatment and care.

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