EACR Cellular Bases for Patient Response to Cancer Therapies

Date & Time 14-16 November 2023
Location Lyon, France

This conference will focus on the most recent studies that have uncovered novel molecular pathways involved in response anticancer therapy. A panel of speakers involved in cutting-edge studies on the biological and cellular bases for therapeutic response in cancer will share their vision on how these disruptive discoveries could be exploited to rethink cancer therapies to ultimately improve therapeutics.

Topics to be covered include: the role of mitochondrial homeostasis in therapy response; the latest and most disruptive advances in the molecular pharmacology of historical chemotherapeutic agents; the tumour microenvironment; experimental therapeutics in models systems; and more.

Target audience: medical/clinical oncologists with an interest in translational research, biology, and pharmacology; basic scientists with an interest in translational research and preclinical models; and colleagues from industry with a focus on molecular pharmacology and drug repositioning.

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