Dutch Translational Metabolism community seminar series

Date & Time 4 March 2021, 16:00-17:15 - CET
Address Virtual

Dutch Translational Metabolism community seminar series started on Thursday 4 February with the keynote speaker will be Prof. Dr. Johan Auwerx of the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. He will be joined by Dr. Jeffrey Kroon of the Amsterdam UMC.

We are happy to draw your attention to the next seminar on Thursday 4 March from 16:00-17:15 CET, with the keynote speaker Dr. Pam Taub of the University of California San Diego in the USA. She will be joined by Dr. Milena Schönke of the Leiden University Medical Center, which is an institution also in the EATRIS network.

Join the seminar via Zoom here. Read more on the seminar here and stay tuned for the next seminars:

Date Speakers
4-Feb Prof. Dr. Johan Auwerx (EPFL, Switzerland) & Dr. Jeffrey Kroon (AUMC)
4-Mar Dr. Pam Taub (UCSD, USA) & Dr. Milena Schönke (LUMC)
1-Apr Prof. Dr. Leanne Hodson (Oxford, UK) & Dr. Joanne Hoogerland (UMCG)
6-May Prof. Dr. Antonio Moschetta (UniBa, Italy) & Xinwei Chang (MUMC)
3-Jun Prof. Dr. Juleen Zierath (KI, Sweden)
9-Sep Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig (HDC, Germany) & Dr. Dicky Struik (UMCG)
7-Oct Prof. Dr. Shingo Kajimura (UCSF, USA)
4-Nov Prof. Dr. Antonio Zorzano (IRB, Spain) & Dr. Anne Gemmink (MUMC)
2-Dec Prof. Dr. Ralph DeBerardinis (UTSW, USA)